Who pays for the mileage when I go to the doctor's office?

If you've had an on-the-job injury, the workers' comp insurance company will reimburse you for mileage to the authorized medical appointments. This includes the doctor's office, physical therapy, pharmacy, and possibly other places. You have to keep track of your mileage and the dates to get reimbursement. You should keep track of these even if the medical appointments aren't authorized because a commissioner may require the insurance company to pay for all of them. The rate is typically updated each year.

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Anonymous said...

How long can it take to process a claim for mileage?

Sherry said...

Anonymous: It CAN take a long time but it shouldn't. You or your attorney should ask about it often. Just bear in mind that it may depend on where in the U.S. the paperwork has to be processed, where the check is cut, what kind of delivery (FedEx, regular mail, etc.) is used.