Should I sign the form from the insurance company?

Question: I've been getting weekly checks from the insurance company while I've been out of work, until last week. Now the insurance company wants me to sign a paper so that I can get my last check. Should I sign it? Answer: Basically, don't sign anything until you've read it carefully. Even if someone tells you that you're just signing the form to get your last check, be careful. There's usually more to it than that. Unfortunately, when a person has been out of work, he or she needs every check and can't afford to do without one. This sometimes causes the injured worker to sign whatever it takes to get that last check. Hold off on signing if at all possible. This may be the time to consult an attorney. If you absolutely must sign the form to get that check, perhaps you ought to write a note on the form next to your signature, saying what you were told and why you are signing it and anything else you want to write, like whether you need more medical treatment. Again, be careful!


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